Paint Disposal Options


Paint, solvents, and other household toxic products should never be poured down a drain or thrown into the trash and landfilled.  The City of Ann Arbor has recommended the following procedures to dispose toxic products.


Latex Paint Disposal Guidelines

Latex paint is acceptable as refuse and can be picked up with your other solid waste under these conditions:
  1. The latex paint in the cans are dried out (solid waste) with cat litter or other absorbent.
  2. The lids are securely reattached.
  3. The sealed paint cans are placed inside your refuse cart.
Liquid wastes are banned from Michigan landfills.  Also, partially filled cans will break open upon compaction in trash trucks and leak into the street.
Latex paints may also be dropped off at the Washtenaw County Western
Service Center, 705 N. Zeeb Road.

Oil Based Paint - Thinners - Solvent Based Products Disposal Guidelines

Take these products to Washtenaw County's Home Toxics Reduction Program located at 705 N. Zeeb Road.  They are open Saturdays from 9:00am-Noon, April through the first weekend of December (excluding holiday weekends).  This site operates during the winter months by appointment (734) 222-3950.

Household Toxics

Please keep all toxic products  in their original containers.  Other products that would fall into this category would be:

Solvent-based Varnishes

Solvent-based Polyurethanes

Paint Thinner


Lacquer Thinner

Wood Preservatives



Empty Paint Can Disposal

Dry empty paint cans should be placed in the Containers recycling bin with the can lid removed.

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