Anderson Paint

Since 1951 Anderson Paint has been offering our clients the finest coatings available for their decorating project or renovations.  We continue this tradition by offering our own line of quality coatings.  

All of our Anderson label products are made in Lansing Michigan by O’Leary Paint. 

O’Leary paint is a fourth generation family owned company manufacturing paint for over 100 years, right here in Michigan.


At Anderson Paint we offer the best quality coatings matched with exemplary customer service!




Anderson Ceramic Paint  


A top grade interior, 100% Acrylic, Low Odor Wall Paint, formulated with ceramic spheres to impart excellent stain resistance properties.  Finger prints, soil, grease and many other stains wash off with mild soap and water without harming the film.


Available in Flat, Satin and Eggshell.



Anderson Ceiling Paint



Our ceiling paint made by O'Leary in Lansing Michigan is the highest quality ceiling white available today.  

This anti-spatter formulation provides the industry standard for whiteness, hiding power, adhesion, color retention, and leveling.




Solar Ceramic Exterior Paint


Solar Ceramic is our best exterior paint and comes in three sheen levels; flat, eggshell, and satin.  

Contains 100% acrylic latex resin and UV absorbers, which allow for maximum durability and protection against sun damage.  


Can be applied at temperatures down to 35 F.





Solar Max Stains


The Solar Max line comes in 100% acrylic solid color, along with traditional oil-based semi-transparent and semi-solid finishes.  

The solid stain is richly pigmented to provide an opaque appearance without obscuring the beauty and texture of wood.  

The oil-based stains protect natural wood fibers and repels damaging moisture.  They contain transparent iron oxide and UV absorbers to protect the wood from the sun damaging rays.